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U.S. Cellular's new share plans bump up the data

The regional carrier's plans inch up both your data package and monthly prices, but you can change your plan at any time.


The carrier updates sSharing plans for the whole family.

Josh Miller/CNET

Regional carrier U.S. Cellular launched new sharing plans this week that raise the amount of data per plan, while also inching up the price.

Here are the new plans, courtesy of U.S. Cellular:

  • 2GB for $30 per month (Previously: 1GB for $25)
  • 4GB for $45 per month (Previously: 3GB for $40)
  • 8GB for $60 per month (Previously: 6GB for $55)
  • 16GB for $80 per month (Previously: 12GB for $80)
  • 24GB for $100 per month (Previously: 15GB for $90)

In some cases, $5 more per months gets you a gigabyte more data. Members of the $80 plan get the "best" deal, with 4GB more in their data allowance for no extra monthly cost.

Customers of the 16GB or 24GB plans get another gift, too: unlimited talk and text to Canada and Mexico. Account holders can also slap limits on how much data each line uses. Sorry, kids. Looks like you'll need to stream those videos over Wi-Fi.