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U.S. Cellular intros contract-free 'Simple Connect' plan

The nation's fifth-largest wireless provider debuts three no-contract options as well as in-store installment plans. For a limited time, the carrier will also pay off your early termination fees.

U.S. Cellular adds trio of no-contract plans U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular is the latest US carrier to introduce a number of new options and incentives on Monday designed to compete with T-Mobile's industry-transforming pricing structure.

Available immediately, the carrier's new "Simple Connect" plans provide customers with unlimited talk, text, and data, without a contract. Basic phones can pull down unlimited full-speed data for $40 per month. Smartphone users, however, have two options to choose from: $50 per month for 500MB of data or $60 per month for 2GB data. Crossing either threshold will be result in slowed, or throttled, data speeds.

U.S. Cellular customers now have the option to split the cost of their device up over the span of 24 monthly payments. Those who sign either Shared Connect or Simple Connect plans will pay the tax of the phone up front; subscribers can pay off the balance at any time.

To help get things going over the next few weeks, U.S. Cellular is also offering to pay off your early termination fees. As is the case with other wireless providers, those who break their contract with another carrier can receive up to $350 credit (prepaid debit card) per line. It is not immediately clear how long this promotion will last.