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U.K. to review Microsoft software in schools

Agency will look at value for money and risks of "lock-in" in British schools' licensing deals with the software maker.

A U.K. government agency has launched an effort to examine the value for money and risks of lock-in involved with the use of Microsoft software by British schools and colleges. Becta, the agency that oversees the use of IT in education, said it will review the "value for money" of Microsoft's educational licensing programs in the U.K., including the range, scope and cost of academic licensing models available, and whether they meet the needs of U.K. schools and colleges.

The agency said its review will pay "particular attention" to Microsoft's subscription licensing models and the "risks associated with non-perpetual licences." It also said it wants to be sure that if a school or college opts for a subscription licensing deal, that terms of it "do not expose them to unacceptable risks such as unforeseen price rises or effectively lock them into a relationship with that licensor."

Steve Ranger of reported from London. For the full story, click here.