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U.K.'s Sky buys 15,000 3D TVs for pubs, more

Sky TV has bought 15,000 LG 3D TVs to go in bars around the country. Football might just have gotten more interesting.

Sky TV is scooping up 15,000 3D TVs for live broadcasting at U.K. public venues. Crave UK

You might soon have to wear stupid-looking glasses to watch a football game down at the pub. With its first dedicated 3D TV channel, Sky 3D, launching this April, U.K. satellite broadcaster Sky TV is desperate to get 3D-capable TVs into bars around the country. To meet this goal, Sky has reached into its Tardis-like pockets and bought 15,000 LG 3D TVs.

It looks like the Korean giant has taken the initiative with its , since most manufacturers have avoided polarized televisions and pinned their hopes on active-shutter technology for the home market.

The disadvantage of LG's system is that currently it can't offer a Full HD picture, since the technology requires both 2D images to be on-screen at the same time, basically halving the resolution. Its advantage is the technology doesn't require expensive shutter glasses. Instead pubs will just need to fork out for the cheap, grubby glasses you find at the cinema.

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