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U.K. prisoners doing time on Facebook?

Even though cell phones and Internet usage are supposed to be strictly controlled, it seems that prisoners in the United Kingdom find it easy to gain celebrity on Facebook.

I thought prison was supposed to be a miserable place.

But an increasing number of Facebook profiles are proving that it's really rather an entertaining spot to hang out in a recession.

It seems that prisoners in the United Kingdom are able to upload images and touching messages to their loved ones on the pages of Facebook. And their jailers either don't know it's happening or are too busy checking to see if Donkey's Dream won the 3.30 race at Royal Ascot.

Here is an example from the Facebook page of Ross Ajilo, a 19-year-old who is in jail for assaulting an unconscious man: "Incarceration ain't workin. Am lockd up bt ma soul's on da streets lerkin!!"

Yes, he is a threat to everyone. Especially Kanye West. Mr. Ajilo, whose Facebook moniker is Raka Mental, offers some further thoughts with a deft lyrical touch: "Raka's got bullets that will rip through ya ribs." Well, that correctional facility seems to be doing a fine job of correcting.

And 27-year-old Paul David Cooper sends this heartfelt message, one that positively warms the winter chill: "How the f*** did I get sunburnt in jail ha ha."

Here is Dartmoor Prison in the United Kingdom. See if you can friend some of its inmates on Facebook. CC Exfordy

These Facebookworms have taken the lead of Ashley Graham. Mr. Graham is in jail for stabbing a man through the heart. He chose Facebook to opine that prison is "a place where men can come for a nice relaxin break from their moanin women and crying kids. No stress just rest."

It's always good to know that society is paying its debt.

A spokesman for the U.K.'s Prison Service told the Sun newspaper: "Prisoners do not have access to the Internet, except under exceptional and controlled circumstances. It is a criminal offense to bring mobile phones into prison--we take this extremely seriously."

One looks forward to the Prison Service's next exceptional and controlled status update.