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U.K. charities to use donated PCs in AIDS prevention program

U.K. IT charity Computer Aid is working with a service organization to provide schools in the developing world with the technology to educate pupils about the spread and prevention of AIDS.

Computer Aid announced on Thursday that it is working with the Berkshire, England-based CfBT Education Trust, to donate 141 PCs, 32 laptops and 43 servers to schools and community organizations in the developing world.

The PCs, donated by CfBT, will go to towns such as Kiberia in Kenya--recognized as the largest slum in Africa and home to some of the most deprived communities in Kenya. One of the group's key projects is the Primary School Action for Better Health (PSABH) HIV education program, which aims to provide teachers and schools with the tools to educate pupils about HIV/AIDS prevention.

In February, staff members--including this reporter--from ZDNet UK's parent organization CNET Networks are taking part in a 400-kilometer cycle challenge to raise money for Computer Aid. The team has already raised about $20,000 in sponsorship, thanks to backing from CNET and IT vendor Ricoh.

You can find out more about the Computer Aid Cycle Challenge and sponsor the CNET team here.