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U.K. bank discounts antivirus tool for customers

Barclays Bank is urging online customers to download F-Secure security software, offered at a discount.

British-based Barclays Bank is urging customers of its online service to download security software, which is provided as part of a tie-up with Finnish antivirus vendor F-Secure. The tools available to download on the online banking site include anti-spyware protection and rootkit detection as well as a traditional antivirus product.

The bank will charge customers 17 pounds ($30) for the antivirus protection, or 28 pounds ($49) for the more comprehensive package--approximately a 30 percent discount on the U.K. retail price. Many proponents of such an offering argue that banks could actually absorb the costs of a 100 percent subsidy by virtue of the savings they would make from reimbursing losses that result from digital identity theft.

Will Sturgeon of reported from London. For the full story, click here.