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Typical Mac user is a freckly, glasses-wearing gal

Statistics and surveys meld together to form an unscientific composite of data showing what the typical Mac user looks like. Spoiler alert: Bangs aren't popular.

Ms. Mac 2012 cropped
Does this person look familiar? BlueStacks

When you think of a typical Mac user, you may imagine a young Silicon Valley go-getter type with hipster glasses and a tongue-tying Starbucks order involving half-caff, soy milk, and foam. According to an unscientific composite created by app maker BlueStacks, you'd be way off base.

BlueStacks compiled data from Nielsen and 1.1 million Facebook fans to determine what the typical Mac lover looks like. It turns out that Ms. Mac 2012 is a freckled, T-shirt wearing lady with long, black hair.

Ms. Mac also happens to be from North America. She's under 20, has OS X Lion installed on her Mac, wears jeans, and rocks a pair of sneakers. There are no geek hoodies to be found anywhere on the infographic, though.

"It turns out the average Mac user is pretty cute, if awkwardly dressed," John Gargiulo, BlueStacks vice president of marketing, said in a release about the findings.

In case you were wondering if Ms. Mac is single, you're probably out of luck. BlueStacks has figured out that 62 percent of Mac fans already have a significant other. This could be sad news for Mr. Android 2011 -- except that Mr. Android and Ms. Mac would probably bicker all the time.

Ms. Mac 2012
Interestingly enough, 25 percent of survey respondents haven't downloaded an app from the Mac App Store. (Click to enlarge.) BlueStacks

(Via All Things D)