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Two-year-old masters the iPad

Videos of toddlers using the iPad are popping up on YouTube, with one popular one showing a particular adept 2-year-old, Bridger Wilson, navigating Apple's slate with disconcerting ease.

In the last few days, a YouTube video of 2-year-old Bridger Wilson working rather fluidly with an iPad has started making the rounds in the blogosphere. The video is a little disconcerting because it sort of reminds you of those E-Trade baby commercials, which are amusing because they're so obviously fake. Well, this isn't.

Little Bridger seems quite in command of his father's iPad as he swipes his way over to a drawing app when his dad suggests he draw a picture. He then navigates through the app to pick drawing tools and dinosaur stickers. Later in the video, he's shown using other apps. Next year, he'll be checking stock quotes and making trades.

Bridger is not the only 2-year-old starring in an iPad YouTube video (blogs are pointing to other iPad toddler vids). But Bridger's is probably the most impressive, largely owning up to its title, "Baby works iPad perfectly."

Bridger's father, who's appeared in several of his own YouTube music videos (he's actually good), notes in the comments section of the video that Bridger's "speech, understanding, word recognition, and even hand eye coordination have improved within just a short while."

What this says about the future of learning and making our kids gadget addicts is unclear, but as the site 9to5Mac points out, "This is why Apple's killing it," suggesting that by hooking the kids young with iPod Touches and iPads, Macs will be a natural fit as they enter their teen years and beyond.

"It's all part of the Apple brainwash and it works like a charm," writes Christian Zibreg, author of the 9to5Mac article.

And just think about this: when Bridger hits 18 and heads off to college, he'll be able to take the iPad 18 with him. It will probably be only a little thicker than a piece of paper.

(Via 9to5Mac via Technologizer)