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Two turned chickens and no microphone

The Deni Vertical Rotisserie is designed to cook two chickens at a time. The rotisserie features a center heating element and is capable of cooking foods from the inside out.

Your ticket to taste.
Your ticket to taste. Chef's Catalog

When it comes to chicken, ordering extra is rarely a bad idea. Able to be eaten hot or cold, any leftovers can be used in a variety of applications. From salad and sandwiches to soups and snacks, cold chicken has a use in every kitchen. When preparing chicken at home, there is an endless number of ways to get the job done. Sometimes that means digging into the back of the cupboard for a specialty appliance. Then, more than ever, it just makes sense to make two.

The Deni Vertical Rotisserie ($129.99) is capable of cooking two chickens at a time. But the countertop appliance is capable of so much more. Also included are a holding tower and six skewers. The 1,420-watt kitchen expander can also comfortably cook a 10-pound turkey or ham.

Measuring about a square foot in size, the rotisserie oven adds versatility to the kitchen, while being convenient and efficient. In addition to the three standard heating elements mounted on the interior, a center heating element helps food to cook from the inside out. This specialty appliance might just be convenient enough to earn its own spot on the countertop--there's always a use for extra chicken.