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Two super cheap Samsung Galaxy S8 phone deals

Get the onetime flagship for as low as $300. Plus: Everybody's favorite $25 Google Assistant clock-radio is back!


Last year's $750 Galaxy is this year's $300 steal.

Josh Miller/CNET

After two days' worth of iPhone deals, let's turn our attention to Android, shall we? Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S8, which was Samsung's flagship just over a year ago.

I've got two options for you. First, Boost Mobile has the preowned Galaxy S8 for $299.99, a price that includes a $50 Boost Mobile credit.

Second, for a limited time, and while supplies last, Woot has the refurbished unlocked Galaxy S8 for $379.99

Both sellers offer your choice of colors (Boost gives you two options while Woot has three), and both back the phone with a 90-day warranty. (Those are seller warranties, FYI, not manufacturer.)

Let's pause for a moment to recall that the S8 sold for $750 new when it hit the market in April, 2017. That's something to keep in mind if you're thinking about a Galaxy S9: Wait a year or so and you can probably pick one up for half the current price -- maybe even less than half.

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I'm not a Galaxy guy, so I'm going to steer you straight to CNET's Galaxy S8 review. Verdict: a fantastic phone marred by an unfortunately placed fingerprint sensor. I suspect most people get used to it pretty quickly and then it doesn't bother them at all, but I'm basing that solely on how quickly I got used to the iPhone X's lack of a home button.

The question, of course, is whether you're willing to accept a preowned phone -- and, in the case of the Boost option, switch to Boost. You can get that phone unlocked, but only after 12 months of paid service. But that service starts at $35 a month, so it's fairly competitive.

Your thoughts?


Best Buy's Google Assistant-equipped smart speaker might be just the thing for your bedroom.

Best Buy

Bonus deal: Every time I think I've seen the last of this deal, it reappears. And it's too good not to share, so here it is: Once again, Best Buy has the Insignia Voice alarm clock with Google Assistant for $24.99.

Designed for a nightstand, but probably just as suited to an end table, the Voice is a clock radio that's also a smart speaker. A very smart speaker, thanks to Google Assistant.

It can do nearly everything a Google Home Mini can, but you get the benefit of a visible clock (always a plus) and a bigger, better speaker (definitely a plus, especially if you want to listen to music).

This has been a Cheapskate-reader favorite, and for now it appears Best Buy has a robust supply of them. I think this is maybe the fourth or fifth time I've seen this deal, so if you miss out, don't fret: There's an excellent chance it'll be back.

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