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Two Samsung monitors walk into a bar...

A look at two similar Samsung monitors: the FX2490HD and B2330HD.

The FX2490HD is definitely the looker of the two monitors. Josh P. Miller/CNET

OK, the headline can be construed as misleading, and if you're now reading this article expecting a cool, dirty joke about monitors to tell at parties, well, I think you need to ask yourself one question: what kind of parties are you attending where dirty monitor humor is accepted? You may want to reevaluate your social circles.

Anyway, today we have two Samsung monitors that both double as HDTVs. Now you may be asking, "Well, why should I care? I don't need two monitors, and at what point in this article do these monitors get to the bar?!"

Good questions for sure. The biggest differences between the monitors are their respective backlights. The FX2490HD includes a new and hot LED backlight, and the B2330HD uses the old and busted CCFL backlight. Did I say old and busted? I meant tried and true.

Anyway, the difference in performance between the two monitors is as telling as is their differences in power consumption.

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