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Two Nokia phones now with carriers

Two Nokia phones now with carriers

Just as we expected, Cingular is now selling the Nokia 6682. That's good new for anyone who wants to buy the stylish, feature-rich smart phone, as service rebates will lower the sky-high price of $550 to a more affordable $299. For the time being, the 6682 will be Cingular's only Symbian-powered mobile and the carrier's sole Nokia smart phone.

In other carrier news, T-Mobile is now offering the Nokia 6101. A flip phone furnished in black, the 6101 offers a middle-of-the-road features set, including a VGA camera with video recording and playback; a speakerphone; an infrared port; instant messaging; basic PIM applications; text and multimedia messaging; voice commands and dialing; Java (J2ME) support; a wireless Web browser; and support for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 e-mail. The 6101 is priced at $149.