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Two new PowerShots sport stabilization

The megazoom S5 IS and compact SD850 IS update the enthusiast and snapshot lines.

update 5/8/07: Here's a lesson for all of us: Don't try to blog at 1am after doing a 7-hour shift of cat adoptions.

Okay, maybe that's just a lesson for me.

It turns out I made a couple of mistakes in this blog entry. At least my errors were pointed out by polite readers, not the ones who feel compelled to verbally abuse you for the occasional slipup. You know who you are.

In any case, I've updated the text to reflect islandgirl45CV's comments, as well as an email from a reader about the display on the S3.

Canon PowerShot SD850 IS
Canon PowerShot SD850 IS Canon USA

At the bleary-eyed hour of 1 a.m., Canon divulged information about its two latest PowerShot cameras: the S5 IS, which replaces the S3 IS and the SD850 IS, which bumps the SD700 IS. The two models are quite different from each other, but both feature the same enhancements: an increase to 8-megapixel resolution from 6 megapixels, and integration of the faster-better-stronger Digic III image processor, which facilitates the introduction of face-detection autofocus and exposure modes.

Canon PowerShot S5 IS
Canon PowerShot S5 IS Canon USA

The S5 IS increases the size of the flip-and-twist LCD, this time to a comfortable 2.5-inch size. According to Canon, this model supports face detection within the movie capture mode, as well.

The PowerShot SD850 IS is slated for mid-June at a price of $399.99; the Powershot S5 IS will follow in mid-July for $499.99.