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Two new Kindle Fires on Amazon's front burner?

The retail giant is reportedly readying a 10-inch version of its tablet alongside a new 7-inch version.

Will Amazon unveil two new versions of its Kindle Fire?
Will Amazon unveil two new versions of its Kindle Fire? CNET

Amazon may be cooking up two new Kindle Fire tablets -- a 10-inch version and a new 7-inch flavor.

Citing intel from one of its sources, blogging site Boy Genius Report says it confirmed the launch of Amazon's 10-inch tablet for sometime in the coming months. The 10-inch tablet would be powered by a quad-core processor.

A new 7-inch Kindle Fire is also in the works, according to BGR. A source recently revealed similar information to CNET, saying that Amazon is targeting July 31 as the launch date for the new 7-inch variety.

Claiming to have handled both tablets, BGR's source spilled the beans on some key details.

The new Kindle Fires would reportedly boast a superior build quality over that of the current model. Amazon will replace the existing tablet's plastic body with a metal casing. The back of the devices will include a "chrome-look rib" that enhances both the look and feel of the tablet.

Both tablets would reportedly be thinner than the first-generation iPad and display no buttons on the front. Both would also include a microUSB port and possibly an HDMI port. The 10-inch edition would also offer a front-facing camera.

BGR's source apparently revealed no launch date for either tablet. But earlier reports said that Amazon could announce the 10-inch tablet late next month.

The timing of these reports coincides with the launch of Google's new Nexus 7 tablet, already seen by some as a potentially strong threat to the Kindle Fire. If the new Kindles do debut this summer, we should see an interesting battle in the 7-inch Android marketplace between Google and Amazon.