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Two new iPhones 'coming 14 October'

Two new iPhones could be coming to the UK on 14 October, if late-breaking reports are to be believed.

The official iPhone announcement is set to go down this evening, but a bit of late breaking news courtesy of the Guardian could spoil Apple's surprise.

The paper reports that phone networks have been told to expect two new iPhones, both due to launch on Friday 14 October, but because of Apple's signature secrecy, none of the networks actually know what the devices will be yet.

Moreover, pricing for the new gadgets won't be known until the networks can settle it with Apple -- negotiations are apparently set to start at 6pm, when Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage for tonight's big reveal.

The Guardian also reports that all five UK networks will be carrying the new phones from launch, with independent shops such as Carphone Warehouse also stocking the doubtless desirable blowers.

We've been hearing rumours of Apple launching two new phones, but it's never been the Cupertino company's style in the past. If two new phones are unveiled, we're expecting one to be a minor upgrade to the existing iPhone 4, perhaps dubbed the iPhone 4S, and the other to be a more radical redesign -- the iPhone 5.

We have only minutes to wait before finding out for sure -- what do you think Apple is likely to confirm this evening? Keep your peepers trained to Crave, or to our Facebook page for all the breaking news as it happens, and let us know what you're expecting in the comments section below.