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Two new Canon cameras

Canon announces two new budget PowerShot cameras.

Canon has just announced two new models in its PowerShot A-series line of cameras. The PowerShot A460 and A550 are two new, inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras scheduled to hit stores in February.

The PowerShot A460 features a 5-megapixel sensor, lagging a bit behind most 6- and 7-megapixel budget cameras on the market. It includes a 38-to-152mm-equivalent 4x lens, which gives it a bit more power than most compact cameras' 3x lenses. Finally, it uses a small 2-inch LCD screen, which thankfully leaves enough room for an optical viewfinder.

The PowerShot A550 is slightly more impressive than its little brother, but not by much. It is a 7-megapixel shooter that can hit ISO 800 compared to the A460's maximum of ISO 400. It has a slightly wider 35-to-140mm-equivalent lens, giving it the same 4x zoom power as the A460. Also like the A460, it has an inexplicably small 2-inch LCD screen. Beyond those features, both cameras have the same standard complement of scene presets, movie mode, and exposure settings.

The Canon PowerShot A460 will ship with a suggested price tag of $150, and the PowerShot A550 will have a suggested price of $200.