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Two more wild iPhone concepts we'd like to see one day

Designers imagine future devices equipped with screens on the side and a parachute system. Too bad they don't actually work for Apple.

Daydreaming about future gadgets that don't exist (and probably never will) has become a popular pastime, with too many slick iPhone concept videos coming out now for us to keep up with. But every now and then there are a few truly novel ideas worth sharing, like the recent one above from the Sonitdac YouTube channel that imagines a CO2-powered "parachute system" to ensure a dropped iPhone always has a soft landing.

The basic idea is that orientation and proximity sensors would alert the system to when the phone is falling, triggering a refillable store of pressurized carbon dioxide gas in the phone to fire out of nozzles embedded in each corner of the device in such a manner as to orient the phone and slow its falling speed just before impact. It's weirdly similar to what Jeff Bezos recently succeeded in doing with one of his Blue Origin rockets.

It's pretty difficult to imagine this working as smoothly and easily as in the video, especially considering the troubles Elon Musk has had pulling off such a maneuver with his own rocket company. But if there were a way to make it work without adding hundreds of dollars to the price or risking a pressurized tank in the phone accidentally exploding, why not?

Landing a little closer to the realm of reality is the below concept from Glaxon Paul and ConceptsiPhone that appeared on YouTube Monday. It imagines an iPhone 8 for 2017 that takes a cue from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with a side screen, 5K OLED display on the front and 6GB of RAM and an Octa-core A10 chip inside.

Perhaps the most far-fetched spec on that list is the RAM, but we can all dream of owning such a monster someday. Personally, I'd definitely want a parachute system to protect such a powerful device.