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Two more replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7s said to explode

Man in Kentucky and girl in Minnesota report incidents with the phone, already the subject of a massive recall.


Three Galaxy Note 7s have reportedly exploded in the last week.

Juan Garzón/CNET

Samsung's exploding phone woes continue with more reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7s exploding.

A Minnesota teenager told a Minneapolis-St. Paul TV station that she felt a "weird, burning sensation" in her thumb while holding her Galaxy Note 7 Friday afternoon. That report was followed Saturday by news that a Kentucky man had to go to a hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation after another replacement Galaxy Note 7 caught fire earlier this week.

Samsung said it is looking into the issues and will share its findings when its investigation is complete.

"Even though there are a limited number of reports, we want to reassure customers that we are taking every report seriously," Samsung said in a statement. "If we determine a product safety issue exists, Samsung will take immediate steps approved by the CPSC [Consumer Product Safety Commission] to resolve the situation."

The new reports emerge just days after a smoking replacement Galaxy Note 7 led to the evacuation of a Southwest Airlines flight Wednesday. The incidents are the latest headache for the Korean electronics giant, which has been grappling with a massive public relations mess. Samsung has recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices worldwide after a battery flaw caused dozens of the phones to explode or burst into flames.

Compounding Samsung's nightmare is the possibility it might face a second recall of the Galaxy Note 7. The Federal Aviation Administration and the CPSC are reportedly investigating the Southwest incident.

Updated at 10 a.m. PT: with Samsung comment.