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Two monitors attempt to pass in the HDTV world

A look at two computer monitors that share many features with full on HDTVs.

Hey! I can see those TV connections on your back. You're not fooling anyone! Josh P. Miller/CNET

What's the difference between an HDTV and a computer monitor? Well, let's see. HDTVs are for the most part made for watching movies and HD broadcasts, and playing video games. Monitors are made for everyday computer operations, productivity tasks, computer games, and to a lesser extent movies. Also, monitors are generally smaller than your average HDTV, and HDTVs usually have more in the way of connection options.

So where does this leave my latest two monitor reviews? The LG Flatron M237WD and the Samsung SyncMaster P2370HD are both monitors with many features only TVs usually have, including multiple connection options--HDMI, Component, and Composite, as well as VGA and DVI--and even remote controls.

If you're interested in a monitor for watching Blu-ray movies, playing video games, and catching your favorite HDTV shows, check out the reviews of both the Samsung and LG to see how well they're able pass in both the TV and monitor worlds.

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