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Two fuels in one

When it comes to ranges, the question has always been "electric or gas?" Bertazzoni's Dual Fuel Range has answered that question, once and for all.

Both gas and electric ranges have their supporters. Some cooks argue fuels the way that baseball fans argue batting averages. I know I've argued in favor of my favorite stove even when I wasn't in the market for a new appliance. But Italian appliance manufacturer Bertazzoni has finally settled the matter, once and for all.

Their Dual Fuel Range, available for purchase beginning September 1, offers a truce. This stove will offer the benefits of both fuels, along with added safety functions, to make it an ideal appliance for any kitchen. It even comes in every color of the rainbow--or at least eight of them, along with a stainless steel option. No worries about the Dual Fuel Range being limited to European distribution, either. Bertazzoni has a sales network throughout North America.

This range is 36 inches of precise cooking. Its door is triple-glazed to minimize heat loss, the temperature controls are carefully calibrated, and the whole system is self-cleaning. We may not be talking about the last range you'll ever buy, but the Bertazzoni Dual Fuel Range could come close. Of course, with recommended retails prices starting at $5,000, you wouldn't expect anything less.