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Two Apple execs file to divest

The company's CFO and a senior VP file to sell some of their shares, at a time when the Mac maker is coming off a 52-week high.

Apple Computer's chief financial officer and senior vice president of hardware engineering have filed to sell some of their shares in the company, at a time when it is coming off a 52-week high.

Fred Anderson, CFO, has filed to sell 133,000 shares valued at nearly $5 million. Meanwhile, Jonathan Rubinstein, head of hardware engineering, plans to sell 66,667 shares with a value of nearly $2.5 million.

Apple, which closed at 34.6875 on Friday, has trended down slightly from its high of 38.1250 reached on July 16, a day after the company reported stronger-than-expected third-quarter results.

According to the company's proxy filed last March, Anderson held 1,336 shares and 750,000 unexercised options. Rubinstein held 2,368 shares and 500,000 unexercised options.