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Two Anker Nebula projectors are on sale for all-time low prices

The highly portable Capsule and high-definition Prizm II have never been this cheap. Plus: Score a Google Home Mini at a Black Friday price.

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The Anker Nebula Capsule, shown here in black (the deal is for the red one), is literally the size of a pop can.


Projectors are awesome. They turn any light-colored wall into a big-screen theater. But that kind of magical capability must cost a small fortune, right?

Nope. Today only, and while supplies last, Anker is offering its lowest prices to date on a pair of its most popular projectors.

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I'll start with the cute one: The Nebula Capsule portable mini projector (red) for $223.99. Regular price: $319.99.

The Capsule is literally the size of a pop can -- that's right, around these parts, we call it pop -- and therefore adorable. Anker packs some impressive functionality into that "can," starting with a DLP projector, a 360-degree speaker system and a battery that's good for up to four hours.

So, basically, you set this thing up just about anywhere there's internet connectivity. It has a handful of built-in apps -- including Netflix and YouTube -- and supports mirroring from Android and iOS devices. You can also connect an HDMI source, like a streaming stick, which you'll need to do if you want to stream from the likes of Hulu and HBO.

Here's the rub: The resolution tops out at 854x480 pixels, which is well shy of high-definition. But this isn't meant to be your primary home-theater projector; it's the one you set up for impromptu movie nights with everyone piled on the bed, or for the kids' sleepovers -- stuff like that.

Indeed, check the user ratings: 4.3 stars from over 500 buyers. Pretty solid.


Get a 1080p image for under $200.


Next up: The Anker Prizm II LED projector for $188.99. Regular price: $269.99.

This one looks like a more traditional projector, albeit with a snazzy cloth top that makes it a little more coffee-table-friendly. The big news about the Prizm II: It delivers a 1080p native resolution, which is almost unheard-of in a projector of this price.

However, there's a to-be-expected compromise: brightness. According to many reviewers, you need to be in a pretty dark room to really enjoy this. So, again: Not your full-time home-theater projector, but maybe the one you grab for backyard movies or kid activities.

Your thoughts?

Google Home Mini Deal: $24.95

I know lots of people have mixed feelings about smart speakers, but I'm a fan. So when I see a deal, I gotta share.


On sale for just $24.95.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Today only, and while supplies last, A4C has the Google Home Mini in chalk or charcoal for $24.95 shipped. That's one of the best deals I've seen since Black Friday. The Mini normally runs $49 and more often goes on sale for $29.

If you're not already invested in Amazon's Echo ecosystem, the Mini is a great alternative. It basically shoehorns a Google Assistant into a standalone, voice-operated speaker. Ask it to play music, operate your smart-home gear, tell you the weather and so on. You'll be humming the Jetsons theme song in your head in no time.

Read CNET's Google Home Mini review to learn more.

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