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Four AirPods and an iPhone: Share music with a friend in iOS 13

Apple will allow two AirPods users to listen to one iPhone with a forthcoming update, while Android users have had the equivalent ability for some time.


Music sharing is one of the highlights of iOS 13

James Mart

Apple has unveiled the ability to connect two pairs of AirPods with a single iPhone, which will be available in iOS 13.

The updated mobile OS, including this new dual-connect feature, is expected in fall 2019, which is also when the company is expected to unveil the iPhone 11.   

Previously, users of wired headphones could buy an inexpensive headphone splitter to share audio between two or more users, but Bluetooth has traditionally only allowed single connections.

Meanwhile the ability to connect two Bluetooth devices of any type has been available on some Android phones for several years. For example, Samsung debuted Dual Audio with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Apple has yet to confirm if multiple non-AirPod devices will also be able to connect via Bluetooth at once. Representatives for Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for clarification.

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