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Two 24-inchers sacrifice features for price

Something to be excited about: two well-performing 24-inchers for $300. But there is a "but" here...

The BenQ E2400HD has a huge foot. Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Now that I've gotten those two 19-inchers out of the way we can delve into something a little meatier. Five inches meatier to be exact.

OK, if the aforementioned blog is anything to go by, I should be pretty excited about the Dell S2409W and the BenQ E2400HD, both being larger monitors. Well, I am and I'm not.

The two 19-inchers can be found for as low as $300 online. Also, their relative performance was impressive for the price, especially on the Dell. So yeah, that's something to be excited about: two well-performing 24-inchers for $300.

So far so good, and for many this is good enough. But I like my options. In particular, connection options and ergonomic options. Each has VGA, DVI and HDMI, but are missing component, S-video, or DisplayPort future-proofing.

Also, if you're into screen pivoting, screen height adjustment, or screen rotation, you won't find that here.

Check out the Dell S2409W and the BenQ E2400HD reviews now if you don't mind sacrificing some features for price.