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Twitter's new 'connect' feature is its latest attempt to get your attention

The slow-growing social network has created a new feature to recommend accounts to follow, and help you find friends too.

Twitter's new "connect" feature will help you find popular people to follow. I probably won't be one of them.


Sometimes we all have a little trouble finding new friends. Twitter thinks it might have the answer. Sorta.

The social network, and perennial second-banana to Facebook, has created a new function for its apps for Apple's iOS and devices powered by Google's Android. The feature, launching Tuesday, uses algorithms and other techno-wizardry to help people find interesting accounts to follow, such as celebrities, politicians and local sports teams (ahem, Golden State Warriors).

It'll also help you find friends and family. But even Twitter has realized that it's more of a news and entertainment service than a way to connect with loved ones (who are probably on Facebook anyway, with the exception of that annoying uncle everyone has who refuses to join and whines about how society is crumbling because we're all glued to our phones).

Twitter says it's built a feature that will recommend accounts based on who you follow already, your tweets, what's popular around you and what's happening in the world.