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Twitter's Facebook-like profile now available to all

With a massive photo up top and your bio along the left, the social network's new design smacks of Facebook's Timeline.

Screenshot/Jennifer Van Grove/CNET

Those in the mood for a little spring cleaning can spruce up their Twitter presence by updating to the new profile design. Twitter said Tuesday that its new Web profiles, which debuted for a select number of users earlier this month, are now available for everyone.

The design, though radically altered from Twitter's previous profile design, may look familiar as it smacks of Facebook's Timeline, especially with the massive photo up top and key biographical information displayed on the left.

Twitter users can also pin a preferred tweet to the top of their profile page and may also notice that tweets with more activity appear larger than others.

Perhaps Twitter didn't intentionally replicate the format of its rival's profile page, but the still-maturing company, which only brought in $243 million in revenue during the fourth quarter of 2013, would do well to copy Facebook's ad business. Oh wait, it's doing that too. Twitter recently announced that it's getting into the mobile app install and ad network business, giving advertisers access to a Facebook-sized audience of 1 billion devices.