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Twitter's biggest test?

Tonight will be a very big test for Twitter's ability to mobilize masses. The votewoz Twitter group has more than 50,000 members determined to push a limping Woz on to next week.

Can Twitter move people to do more than, well, just Twitter?

Tonight will see an interesting and very public experiment that will prove whether 140 characters can mobilize millions to do what the characters behind the 140 characters want. Yes, we are talking about the sweet and spirited movement called Twitter/votewoz.

This group, dedicating to furthering the presence of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars", has amassed more than 54,000 followers. Which seems to be around 52,500 more than his Facebook Support Group.

The Votewoz Twitterdome was erected by a somewhat nerdy type from Charlotte called Chris Harrington. Mr. Harrington is the technology director for Luquire George Andrews, a marketing, advertising, PRing sort of company.

Naturally, Mr. Harrington has a yearning to meet his twinkletoed, Teletubbyish hero. However, he told the Charlotte Observer: "It would be really cool to connect. But on the flip side, we're just doing this to help someone that's part of the geek community. It's really all about him."

Every man, woman and geeky dog will need to be Twitter-fed tonight. CC Tash Mahal

The Votewoz Twitterdome, if every member votes the 13 times the show's uncannily honest producersallow, should be able to amass something like 700,000 votes. (Oh, you don't expect me to do the precise math, do you?)

"Dancing with the Stars" gets millions and millions of votes. Allegedly. So these committed and forthright Twitterati will need their movement to go boldly beyond their own number and out into the ether for continued Woz success.

I will be watching the results closely. I am sure Woz will be watching them even more closely.