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Twitter Week: Why I love Twitter

Over the next week, Crave will help you get the most out of a service that's still misunderstood by plenty of people, though we can't get enough of it

Because it's fun.

Seriously. If you've signed up already, or you've just been hearing about Twitter lately, and you don't get why there's such a fuss, this is why: millions of people around the world are tweeting because it's fun. Forget about 'social media' for a second, forget about the celebrities, forget about 'real-time social messaging'. It's just fun. And, over the next week, Crave will be presenting a host of ideas and tips for getting the most out of Twitter.

This week is Become a Twitter Expert week here at CNET UK. We'll help you get started, help you dig deeper, help you meet your idols, and maybe even help you make some moolah. But, most of all, we want to see you having fun.

Twitter is, at heart, about sharing your thoughts. The still-slightly-clueless mainstream media may still be talking about people Twittering what they had for lunch, but we know you think about more than that. It's like a conversation you'd have at lunchtime with the whole world getting to hear the clever or funny thing you say, instead of just Dave from accounts. It's the chance to say to that famous person what you'd say if you ever met them, and it's the opportunity to talk to people you may never otherwise get to encounter. It's the catharsis of complaining about a company and getting a direct response, or, heck, it's the chance to tell the world what you had for lunch. Why not? Twitter is all things to all tweeters.

Alright, Twitter might not be everyone's idea of a good time, and it might not be immediately apparent whether you'll enjoy it. But, hey, has Crave ever steered you wrong? Well, there was that night with the strippers and the badgers, but we blame that on the Sambuca. In the interests of balance, we'll be hearing from Twitter non-converts too.

That was slightly more than 140 characters, but you get the idea. So what are you doing now?