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Twitter updates include DM photos, swipe between timelines

Twitter rolls out updates to both its iOS and Android apps, with new features for direct messages, timelines, and notifications.

James Martin/CNET

Twitter's latest update to its iOS and Android apps includes sharing photos over direct messages, swiping between timelines, and new notifications, the company said Tuesday.

The update provides a bit of TLC to its direct messaging feature. Users can now send and view photos in direct messages and access the messages by clicking on a new tab in the app's notification bar.

Additionally, Twitter's added the ability to swipe between timelines on the app, a feature that was floating around the rumor mill before the company's IPO announcement. Users can swipe between the Home and Discover timelines, where you find trending tweets and accounts, as well as to the Activity timeline, where you can find tweets and accounts that are favored by the people you follow.

There are also updates specific to each operating system. The iOS app includes in-app notifications for when people interact with you, and the Android app now includes a shortcut to turn on mobile notifications for specific users (just tap on the star on their profiles.)