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Twitter to unveil Rio Olympics 'Moments' and emojis

Social network is dedicating a Moments section to capture the most significant events and is releasing hundreds of emojis.

Twitter is gearing up for the Rio Olympics by adding a new section in its Moments feature to capture all of the biggest, well, moments.

The social network is also releasing hundreds of emojis for the Olympics, which will open in three days. Fans can get into the spirit by tweeting a three-letter country code hashtag displaying flag emojis for every team, including the Refugee Olympic Team (#ROT).

"Twitter, Vine and Periscope will offer fans inside access, commentary, highlights, and conversation throughout the Games and as the action unfolds," Leslie Berland, Twitter's chief marketing officer, said Tuesday in a blog post.

There will be hashtags displaying emojis in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. The social network will also offer "Twitter Buzz," a customized tour bus rolling through Rio and featuring tweets and Periscope broadcasts through its windows, along with free Wi-Fi.