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Twitter tweaks home page for newbies

To entice more to sign up, Twitter revamps its home page to feature more live tweets, a feed of trending topics, and links to Twitter celebrities.

Twitter is hoping to lure in more newbies by making its home page more dynamic and user friendly.

Following some tweaks last year, the popular social network has revamped its home page once again. The new home page design, which rolled out Tuesday, now features a slowly scrolling list of randomly selected top tweets that change every few seconds. A rolling marquee near the top of the page displays a feed of hot trending topics. Hovering over any one topic reveals the latest tweet on that subject.

Twitter has revamped its home page.
Twitter has revamped its home page. Twitter

A "See who's here" window also displays thumbnail photos that link you to the tweets from favorite celebrities, top businesses, and other popular tweeters. And to persuade the uninitiated to sign up, the home page now displays a "New to Twitter" promo on the right touting the benefits of the service and inviting people to "join the conversation."

Twitter's official blog on Tuesday said the new design is a test to show up front more of the information that comes from the many tweets on the site. The new home page can be useful for current tweeters but seems especially geared toward those who haven't yet signed up for the service.

The home page revamp is part of Twitter's efforts to show people that the site isn't just for quick status updates, according to the blog, but is now a way of grabbing and sharing information at a fast pace. The company believes the new home page may better convey the value of Twitter to people who haven't yet sampled the service.

Twitter said it will monitor feedback on the new home page design and test the waters with other ideas to help people learn what the site is all about. Those of you who already have a Twitter account should be able to check out the new home page by logging out and refreshing your browser.