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Are you a Twitter trendmaster? Take our quiz to find out

Calling all Twitter ninjas! Test your knowledge of the social network's selfies, hashtags and history in celebration of its 10th birthday.

Twitter logo
James Martin/CNET

Life unfolds in 140 characters or less millions of times each day on Twitter. The social-networking service has woven itself into the fabric of the Internet and become a platform for breaking news, celebrity gossip and silly memes involving pizza-eating rats.

It's hard to imagine the online world without Twitter, but the site is only 10 years old, having launched on March 21, 2006. Ten-year anniversaries are supposed to be celebrated with gifts of diamonds, but we'll settle for testing your diamond-sharp mind with a quiz full of Twitter tidbits.

Flash back with us to the famed Ellen DeGeneres Oscars selfie. Pick the celebrity with the most dedicated following and dig deep into your Twitter memory with classic hashtags that once reigned as Internet kings. Take our quiz and test your mettle.