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Twitter tests 'mute' function for mobile apps

Need a break from particular tweets and tweeters? Twitter seems to be trying out a way for you to take a quiet hiatus.


Twitter might soon allow users to stealthily unfollow those they don't want to listen to any longer, according to a new report.

Some Twitter users on mobile devices have reported seeing a "mute" feature that allows them to nix all tweets or retweets from a certain person from their timelines. After hitting the mute button, the users are still following the people, just not seeing anything they share on Twitter.

Several other applications support muting. Twitter-owned client TweetDeck, for example, comes with a muting feature so users don't need to listen to certain people. It also makes it easy to unmute the person, so users can seamlessly see their tweets again without the other individual knowing the difference.

It's not clear whether the new mute feature is just being tested or will be launching soon. CNET has contacted Twitter for comment and we will update this story when we have more information.

(Via The Verge)