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Twitter tackles trolls with a better block button

The updated block feature will now prevent anyone you've blocked from sneaking into your feed when someone else retweets them, or vice versa.

Josh Miller/CNET

Twitter has updated its block button, with sights set on keeping trolls from seeing your tweets (and keeping you from seeing theirs).

The update fixes a retweet loophole, in which someone you follow could retweet a user you've blocked and thus get a supposedly blocked tweet onto your timeline. Conversely, if one of your followers were to retweet you, the blocked person could still have seen your tweet. Both scenarios are now eliminated, Twitter tweeted Monday.

The block feature isn't a magic button, though, and Twitter is far from a perfect place for conversation. Trolls will be trolls, and if that means creating a new account to get around your block, that's still an option at their disposal. Of course, for that level of harassment, the report button might be a better choice.