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Twitter and Samsung feel the heat

Social Cues: What do the social network and the maker of the Galaxy Note 7 have in common? Neither of them can catch a break.

#WhyIHateTwitter is trending on Twitter.

Jaap Arriens, NurPhoto via Getty Images

Twitter users are fed up with Twitter, and they're using the social network itself to point out everything that's wrong with it.

On Facebook, meanwhile, people are also finding fault -- with Samsung, after another heated incident involving the South Korean company's Galaxy Note 7, this time with supposedly safe device on a Southwest Airlines flight.

Social Cues is your go-to guide on what's buzzing across Facebook and Twitter. Here's what's trending on social media on Thursday:

#WhyIHateTwitter: With Twitter's future uncertain as buyout rumors swirl, now even the social network's users are turning against it. The hashtag was trending on Thursday morning, with the Twitterverse criticizing the site's lack of abuse moderation, the need for an edit button and the masses of trolls. Hey, at least this guy's still a fan!

Samsung: Things have gone from bad to worse for Samsung. One of its thousands of replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones, shipped out after the recall of the initial batch of devices that sometimes packed explosive batteries, started overheating and smoking on a Southwest Airlines flight. The plane was evacuated as the Note 7 burned through the airplane's carpet. More than 1 million Facebook users were talking about the safety flaw, which continues to haunt Samsung.

Jesse Watters: Big racism in little Chinatown? Asian communities raged at an "O'Reilly Factor" segment in which Watters went to New York's Chinatown and asked Asians stereotypical questions such as whether they knew karate or if he was supposed to bow when he said hello. Articles posted across Facebook called the clip "the most ridiculously racist Fox News segment of all time." The self-proclaimed "political humorist" defended his piece on Twitter, saying it was meant to be "tongue in cheek."

National Poetry Day: Social media is celebrating poems with creative posts. No reason not to join in the fun on Social Cues.

Twitter and Facebook,
Celebrating poetry,
This is a haiku

The Pill: The topic was trending on Twitter and also posted as a Moment tied to a study showing a link between birth control pills and depression. The 13-year study showed that more than 1 million Danish women had an increase in depression between 23 percent and 80 percent among test subjects. Women across Twitter told their stories of how the pill has affected their lives, for better or worse.