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Twitter reacts (badly) to the Marvel's Avengers video game

When excited Marvel fans finally see the new game's trailer... they get a surprise.


Lookin'... not good, apparently.

Square Enix

Two years ago, Marvel promised a series of Avengers video games. "The Avengers Project" would assemble Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. But come the long-awaited trailer at E3, did it impress fans across the Twittersphere?

Not really, no.

Square Enix showed off the new title with a first trailer at its press conference on Monday. The game, called Marvel's Avengers, will be released May 15, 2020.

Maybe check out the trailer for yourself before the reactions:

And here's what people are saying.

Or in this case, Twitter user @Protodude deemed no words necessary.

@AndyCole84 pointed out a slight change in casting.

Some similarities here...

Who remembers Jimmy Newtron? Love Jimmy Newtron.

When you see this next tweet, you can't not see this next tweet.

A less than happy camper here.

And another one.

This is something... different.

A disappointed fan. And SpongeBob!

Stunt doubles getting their much-deserved dues.

This is good.

Will it be as good as Spider-Man?

Finally, we end on a sadder note.