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Twitter proposal leads to tweeted wedding

Two somewhat geeky people decide to enact the most important parts of their romantic life via Twitter. It all leads to #tweetwed from the altar. Or just below it.

They sat up in bed on their wedding night and followed the progress of the hashtag they had created on Twitter. But before we focus on the romantic part of Greg and Stephanie Rewis' wedding, let us pause for a moment to consider how they got to the altar.

"Once it got going, it felt like the most natural thing in the world," Stephanie Rewis told CBS

Yes, yes. But wait a minute. Let's focus on how Twitter got involved in their mutual involvement. Two years ago, Greg Rewis and then Stephanie Sullivan, both deeply geeky, were in a long distance relationship. So there they were one night on IM, and Stephanie happened to mention that Greg hadn't proposed to her. You know, in the official sense.

Greg decided to do the romantic thing right there. "Let's do this in front of the world," he told CBS of his then thoughts. And what better way to do things in front of the world than by Twitter? So he tweeted his proposal, went back to IM, and suggested his besotted lover might wish to wander over just a fingertip's distance to her Twitter page. Stephanie was "flabbergasted." As, I am sure, was the whole world.

Cut, therefore, to two years later. The wedding was set. Who among the whole world would be surprised that Greg and Stephanie decided to Twitter every moment of it (Twitpics included)? In order for the whole world to participate in their glee, they created #tweetwed.

Did they stand there at the altar, cell phones in hand, just like that lovely couple not so long ago who updated their Twitter and Facebook status from beneath the vicar's nose?

Absolutely not. The Rewis' have class. According to Wired, they recruited their children (from previous marriages) to sit with computers and tweet the pre-prepared vows at the appropriate moment. And it's not easy to chop up your heartfelt vows into 140 character nibbles.

I know that many of you will be so enraptured by this tale of two future-forward individuals that you will be desperate to enjoy every single tweet of the first days of their married life. After all, Stephanie told CBS "We are very transparent."

Sadly, I bring you pain. Though so much of this interesting and modern relationship has been socially networked to the world, Stephanie told CBS with some vehemence that there would be no tweets from the honeymoon. Privacy, you see, is like those people who wake up at their own funeral. Going, but not yet gone.