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9 #LessNoteworthyMovies that are so bad, they're good

Social Studies: The latest hashtag game to take over Twitter dares people to turn their favorite film into a flop.

The hashtag games keep coming on Twitter. The latest craze: #LessNoteworthyMovies.

The game, which was gaining steam Wednesday, challenges Twitter users to switch around or replace words in a famous movie title to change the film's premise to something much less interesting.

There are a few flops to be sure, but there's a lot of creativity here too. I collected a few of my favorites:

Yeah, that definitely takes some of the scare factor out of it.

I feel sorry for the old men, but I think they'll survive

Problem solved!

They never leave you alone about liking them on Facebook.

No point in seeing it then.

Who wants to watch a superhero movie where they engage in a calm discussion?

I would hope so!

Sounds healthy, but not very interesting.

Okay, wait a second; wicker is pretty exciting! Yeah, no.

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