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Twitter Moments celebrates its first birthday

Twitter marks the anniversary of its Moments feature by taking a look back at fond memories from last year -- like Boaty McBoatface.


Before it was unveiled, "Moments" was code-named "Project Lightning."


Twitter is having a moment.

The social network celebrated the one year anniversary of the launch of Twitter Moments, a feature on the website that compiles tweets from trending topics and stories.

The celebration took a look back at the top moments from last year, like the puzzling "puppy or bagel" phenomenon, and that time the internet banded together and voted to name the UK's polar research vessel "Boaty McBoatface."

Twitter Moments was developed under the name "Project Lightning," which is still reflected in the feature's lightning icon a year later. It was introduced just a day after Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey returned as CEO of the social network. Like many of Dorsey's moves, Moments was intended to draw in a wider audience.

On September 28, Twitter made creating Moments available to all its users, when it was previously only available to editors and publishers.