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Twitter log-in change: Why your Twitter apps broke and how to fix them

If your Twitter apps are giving you gyp, here's why -- and how to fix things.

You may have noticed that your Twitter apps have stopped working. If your apps are giving you gyp, here's why: it's all to do with a change to the way Twitter lets you log in.

Why the change?

Twitter cleverly gained traction by opening itself up to third parties to make apps and services that expanded on the site's core functions and made it available anywhere, any time, on just about any device.

In the last year or so, Twitter has absorbed many of the coolest features into its core service, such as location, retweeting and previewing links, with its own link-shortening service, t.co, also on the way.

It's now drawing log-in back into its own service. Up until now, many of these apps have connected to your Twitter account by storing your password or offering the choice of using OAuth. Twitter has now switched entirely to OAuth, and apps will no longer store passwords.

What should I do?

Nothing, if you've already signed in with OAuth. If your app isn't working, simply enter your details again. If offered a choice, select OAuth. OAuth will redirect you to a Twitter page, where you should click that you authorise the app. You'll then find a handy list of authorised apps at twitter.com/settings/connections. If, like us, you're a heavy Twitter user, you might be surprised at how many services are connected to your account.