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Twitter lets users toggle between see 'all' and 'no replies'

The microblogging site's new feature lets users decide whether to see the back-and-forth conversations of the musicians, actors, athletes, and brands they follow.

Steve Martin's Twitter profile with and without the see "all" toggle on. Twitter

What do Steve Martin, Salman Rushdie, and Nascar all have in common? A new special feature on their Twitter accounts that lets followers decide whether to see their tweet conversations.

Twitter announced today that on certain verified accounts of well-known musicians, actors, athletes, and brands, users can decide whether to see back-and-forth exchanges. The way it works is by clicking "all" above the Tweets timeline on the user's profile page to see full conversations or by clicking "no replies" to see only original tweets.

"This simplified profile, which we're rolling out to verified accounts over the coming weeks, makes it easier to understand what kind of content the user shares on Twitter, and what Tweets you'll see if you follow them," Twitter's product team director Michael Sippey wrote in a blog post. "And you can also continue to discover great moments on Twitter like when @MollyRingwald and @SalmanRushdie discussed following one another on Twitter."

There is a hitch, however. In order to see whole conversations, users must be following both the account author and the person engaging in a conversation with them.