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Twitter launches LOLcatz language option

With "View mah profile puj" and "Hoo 2 follow" being just two examples.

Ermahgerd you guys, Twitter has just launched an option that lets you add a meme to your profile page.

Head to the language drop-down menu in the Settings section, and you'll see LOLcatz as an option, TheNextWeb reports. Click it, and your feed is transformed, with "View my profile page" becoming "View mah profile puj," "Who to follow" becoming "Hoo 2 follow" and "Home" becoming "Hum".

It won't LOLcatz-ify everyone else's tweets, unfortunately, and your own won't be translated as you type either. (For that you'll need the Speak LOLcat translator.) But it is a bit of fun if you want everything to sound as if it's being read out by your cat.

It's still only in beta, so there are some niggles. TheNextWeb points out that "Kthxbye" should read "Kthxbai", but I'll leave that one to the semantic pedants.

It's been a busy week for the microblogging service. A few days ago it launched an enhanced search option that collates photos, tweets, and relevant accounts into a single stream. Its search function now also throws up results older than a week, which is handy if you remember seeing something funny a while ago but can't remember who tweeted it.

On a less positive note, the service was also hacked, with 250,000 accounts being affected. Hackers got their hands on usernames, email addresses and passwords, before Twitter shut it down. It was mostly the earlier accounts that were affected, so anyone who joined up from 2008 onwards was most likely to be safe.

There's more good news for cat fans though: cat cafes could be coming to the UK. Big in Japan, they let you stroke moggies to your heart's content while enjoying a brew, and one entrepreneur is planning on bringing them to London. Expect plenty of LOLcatz speak.

Have you played with the new language option? What do you reckon? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.