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Twitter is loopy for Vine videos

A new app shares 6-second video clips, Apple fails to impress Wall Street, and U-verse's outage lasts for days.

Thursday's CNET Update is longer than six seconds:

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Today's tech news roundup explains why Apple's latest earnings report of record revenue and sales has disappointed investors. Tim Cook also had little to say about an Apple television and fixes to the Maps app.

Netflix surprised analysts with reported profit and growth. Netflix will push out it's own TV series, "House of Cards," on Feb. 1, and new episodes of Arrested Development are arriving in May.

Hundreds of AT&T U-verse customers have had to live without TV, Internet or phone service for several days. Those hit by the outage in 13 states may be getting a refund.

Wolfram Alpha enhanced its Facebook analytics tool. Users can find statistics about their network of friends. Because I'm sure your life will feel more complete once you create a map of the married friends in your network.

A new app called Vine lets users create 6-second looping video clips. Twitter owns Vine, but you don't have to use Twitter to share the videos.

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