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Twitter image galleries show off your tweeted pics

Twitter's new feature aggregates and organises up to 100 of your most recently uploaded images for the viewing pleasure of you and others.

Twitter has a new feature designed to make accessing and viewing your shared photos a breeze. The freshly announced user galleries will collect up to 100 of your most recently tweeted images and display them in chronological order.

This follows a whole raft of other enhancements to Twitter's user experience, including improved search, a 'tweet to' box on user profiles, photo uploading directly from your Twitter stream, and, of course, new Twitter.

Popular image-sharing services yFrog, TwitPic and Instagram are compatible with user galleries, along with Twitter's own image sharing service. As long as a service is supported by Twitter's detail pane, though, it should also work with user galleries.

User galleries are accessed by clicking on 'View All' on a profile page. The default grid view shows chronologically ordered thumbnails of all images Twitter is able to display. The second view, called detail view, shows a larger version of the image, accompanied below by the body of the tweet it was shared with, as well as thumbnails for other images displayed above.

While this new feature seems to be mostly working, there are a couple of teething problems, chief of which is that some thumbnails may appear as black squares. Twitter reckons this is down to the servers of its content partners overloading, instead of being a problem on its own end.

There are also some technical limitations of user galleries. In addition to the 100-image limit, images that were tweeted before 1 January 2010 will not be displayed.

Twitter also notes that, in regards to retweets, an image will only be included in your user gallery if it is shared in one of your own tweets. This means if you copy and paste another user's image into a tweet (what Twitter calls a manual retweet), it will be included in your gallery, whereas any images shared via the retweet button will not be.

User galleries are currently being rolled out to all Twitter users, so if it isn't on your profile yet, it should be there very soon. You can see yours now by adding '/media/grid' to the end of your profile URL, so ours is ''.

Have you looked at your user gallery yet? What do you think of Twitter's latest feature? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

Update: A previous version of this article stated that the galleries include video thumbnails. They do not.