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Twitter's personalized Highlights feature finally comes to iOS

The feature aims to help users catch up quickly with the tweets most relevant to them. It comes to Apple's mobile platform more than a year after Android.

Apple iOS users can opt in to the Highlights feature, a personalized roundup of the best of Twitter.

James Martin/CNET

Twitter has started rolling out its Highlights feature, a tailor-made summary of the best tweets, to users on Apple's iOS devices.

When you opt-in to the feature, Twitter will send you up to two push notifications a day to let you know your Highlights summary is ready. The feature combs through conversations and popular tweets within your network as well as topics and events that are trending in your area or network.

Twitter began rolling out the feature Monday. Android users, however, can lord this over their Apple counterparts: They've had the feature since April 2015.

To enable the feature in iOS, tap on the gear icon, go to settings, tap notifications and then mobile notifications. You'll see Highlights, where you can toggle the feature to "on."