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Twitter: Hey! We're hiring!

While loads of other Web 2.0 companies have been laying off employees or cutting costs, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone proudly proclaims that they're looking to hire a few.

Biz Stone, co-founder of microblogging service Twitter, sent out an e-mail to the site's members on Monday night. The take-home point: They're hiring.

"We're hoping to hire for a bunch of new positions," the e-mail read. "If you or someone you know wants to work at a small company with a bright future then by all means, check out our jobs page."

Twitter's jobs page doesn't give any specifics. But putting out a big "we're hiring" e-mail is an important message for a small start-up that's high on buzz and low on revenues these days. Loads of Silicon Valley once-hyped start-ups have laid off employees or instituted hiring freezes, so it's a big deal when one comes out and says it's actively seeking new employees. That said, Twitter raised a big venture round this spring, so it likely still has plenty of cash on hand.

Also in Stone's e-mail: a plug for "Company Buzz," Twitter's app on LinkedIn's platform, which lets members of the business-networking site see what Twitter members are saying about their companies.

Stone also reminded users to load up cable network Current on Tuesday night for election coverage, where live "tweets" from Twitter will be displayed onscreen. One thing the e-mail doesn't say? Whether there will be extra server power in place to keep the service up, though Stone says that Twitter's team "anticipate(s) record-breaking activity." Twitter has largely gotten past its reputation for frequent outages--let's hope it stays that way through Election night.