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Twitter-hater Kanye joins Twitter

Kanye West, who just last year demanded Twitter give him his name back, joins Twitter and follows one random person in Coventry, England.

It seems like just yesterday that Kanye West demanded that Twitter give him his name back.

It was, in fact, 2009 when the eccentric rapper was upset with "losers making fake Kanye West Twitter accounts" and declared: ""DON'T HAVE A F****** TWITTER... WHY WOULD I USE TWITTER??? I ONLY BLOG 5 PERCENT OF WHAT I'M UP TO IN THE FIRST PLACE."

How a year can change a man. How Twitter can seduce him into being sweet to tweet.

Please welcome to Twitter, then, Kanye West. He has secured for himself the very verified address and has spent the last few days tweeting about Rolex, Versace, Bang and Olufsen, and other fine instruments of social expression.

He has amassed, unsurprisingly, almost 400,000 followers to whom he has offered such pithy homilies as "I need more church in my life" and "Fur pillows are actually hard to sleep on."

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

However, he has decided that Conan O'Brien was onto something when he chose one random human being to follow. Kanye has chosen Steven Holmes of Coventry, England, ( to be his one true friend.

When Holmes noticed Kanye had arrived on Twitter, he sent him a tweet asking what toothpaste he used on his diamond teeth. An incisive question, if ever there was one.

Clearly, this impressed sufficiently for him to become the Man of the West. It has, however, not made life comfortable for Holmes. "I feel pressure to say amusing and witty tweets now @kanyewest is following," he tweeted.

And on Monday he offered even greater exasperation: "This has been completely surreal and I really have no desire for this attention i'm just a normal person."

Still, Kanye has told him to "tweet strong" and seems himself to be using Twitter in order to present a new, stronger Kanye. He did suffer a little emotional backlash when he wandered on stage during the Video Music Awards and appeared to suggest that Taylor Swift was not a worthy winner.

Monday, however, new, improved, Twitter-positive Kanye tweeted: "I wake up everyday and say--I'm trying my best to stay out my own way." A motto worth living by.