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Twitter goodness: Twee for Palm Pre

The free and pro Twitter apps for Palm's WebOS graduate from Homebrew status into the App Catalog.

Twee on the Pre
Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Hey, Palm users. If you've been waiting for the WebOS Twitter app Twee to leave Homebrew status and graduate to Palm's App Catalog, get moving. Twee 1.0, by Delicious Morsel, has hit prime time.

The Twee Twitter app comes in two versions: free and pro ($2.99). TweeFree has more features than other WebOS Twitter apps, including photo support via TwitPic, yfrog, TweetPhoto, and, and you can track Twitter trends with Twitturly. A favorite Twee feature is that it previews a thumbnail of a friend's image URL without having to open it first. Twitter search, replies, and direct-message windows are also wrapped into TweeFree.

If you have multiple Twitter accounts to track, however, forget the freeware. You'll need to upgrade to Twee's pro version for that. After upgrading, you can also receive notifications and local tweets from 1 mile to a 250 mile radius, if Twitter eavesdropping is your thing. Notifications and multiple-account management are what clinched the purchase for us.

Both versions are attractive, with a dark gray and electric blue motif, and are easy to operate, with finger-friendly icons and a sliding activities ribbon along the bottom. We're fans, but if Twee isn't your favorite, which Twitter app for WebOS gets your 140 characters?