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Twitter goes to the MTV Video Music Awards

The microblogging site has partnered with the pop culture entertainment network to bring the still-geeky 'Twittering' to its trademark awards show.


Could this finally be what breaks Twitter out of the early-adopter geek set and into the population at large? The microblogging service has partnered with the inarguably mainstream MTV for its upcoming Video Music Awards (or VMAs), according to an e-mail sent to Twitter members by founder Biz Stone.

So far, the partnership isn't totally clear. A Twitter account has been set up for the VMA "Moon Man" mascot, the pop-culture awards' equivalent of the Oscar statue. In Stone's e-mail, he elaborated that the VMA Twittering will expand, too: "(MTV has) some fun ideas which involve artists and celebrities including the MTV Moonman twittering from Las Vegas during the whole weekend leading up to the VMA broadcast on Sunday, September 9th," he wrote, adding that Twitter would also be featured on TV.

This is indeed prominent placement for the heavily hyped Twitter, which gained a rabid following among the social media junkie crowd at this spring's South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas. But as for breaking into the crowd that restricts its social networking use to Facebook, MySpace, and maybe, Twitter hasn't been quite as successful. The MTV partnership could flop embarrassingly, or it could give the little site a big push.

Just think about it: maybe, the next time you go to the local mall, that teenage girl texting on her cell phone in Abercrombie & Fitch just might be Twittering about how she like, OMG totally loves those cute zip-up hoodies.